Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cell Carrier Wars in Israel

Since Rami Levy and Golans entry into the world of cell service, Israels top carriers are running in circles smacking the tops of their heads like their hair's on fire. Too much competition is breaking the market. Picture priests after Darwinism came about and was accepted. Just the other day, I overheard a convo with talk involving the lowering of cell prices. Cellphone carriers here in Israel are strictly regulated. Contracts are illegal and switching from one carrier to another is as simple as dialing a 3 digit number. No penalties. Also, cell time used in between switching carriers is pro rated, it's actually fair. Unlike the American thievery that is the cell phone industry, here, proper legislature has caused the corps to curb their attempts at robbing us. Asking why America doesn't follow suit is like asking a thief to leave a little cash in the safe he just cracked.

Was at the mall, so I went to a competitors booth (Orange Inc) and enquired about their plans. So, let's see, a year ago I signed up to be charged $185 sheks ($48) for a, easily surpassed, capped amount of minutes, texts and internet usage. Monthly bill was actually about 240 sheks ($62). Dare I even think of making calls to the US and god would have stricken me down with "ONE POINT TWENTY ONE" gigawatts of "zerem" These days the kind lil lady at the booth told me, 135 sheks ($35) gets me unlimited calling, texting, internet, and what's that? UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL CALLING!!!
So when I get the inevitable, sorta post break up call from the company I left, (Pelefon Inc) I expected some crap about, "wait, our service is better, stay with us" type jargon. Straight to the point the man was with me, "come back to us and we'll match the plan 2nd company gave for 85 sheks" ($22). I'll repeat what was said to me earlier, this is a great example of how competition works for the little man. If capitalism overtook this country we'd be paying the 3 digits in dollars that you are. Can not just one company prove fair, and notify existing customers of new plan changes, instead of keeping us paying prices we agreed to long before they began with better/cheaper plans?

Like the lie that "we haven't the technological resources to save the billion starving", we too, are lied to about the cost of our cell phone technology.

Hooray for an economic system that benefits the people and works! Fuck yea, Israel!

Just to make clear, while you're being fleeced, unlimited calling anywhere in the world, same for texts, same applies to unlimited, fastest mobile internet on the planet for a meager $22.00
So, how much is it you're paying for your cell phone?